Mobile Games Are Also a Way to Promote Indonesian Tourism

Indonesia has a tourism sector with extraordinary potential. To show it off, specifically to foreign tourists, gaming media on cellphones has become an option.

This was realized through the efforts of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism by collaborating with Agate , a game developer studio based in Bandung, to create a game that introduces tourism in Indonesia.

"Later, this game will be enjoyed on smartphones which can be found on the Google Play Store ," Agate's press statement said.

Indonesia's famous and unique tourist attractions will be highlighted in the form of interactive games that provide direct experience for players. With this promotion, the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia is expected to increase.

"The purpose of this collaboration is to encourage the increase of foreign tourists who come to Indonesia as a vacation spot, especially tourists from Singapore and Malaysia," the statement continued.

There are currently two Agate products on the market today, Original Onet and Crossword Go. Both of them have been modified specifically for global servers and contain pictures that show the characteristics of Indonesian culture, such as the giving of Indonesian flora and fauna in the Original Onet game and questions about Indonesian tourism in the Crossword Go game.

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