6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families

 New Zealand can be a choice destination for family holidays. There are several places that are suitable for holidays with children.

6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families

New Zealand is not just beautiful nature with extreme tourist attractions. Apparently, there is also a choice of places and activities that are suitable for families.

Can be reached from Indonesia in about 12 hours flight, depending on the airline, a traveler can go to New Zealand easily. Based on the release received by AFP from Tourism New Zealand, Monday (07/29/2019) the following various places that can be visited for family tourism there:

1. Rainbow Springs National Park

Generally, children love animals. In Rainbow Springs National Park, a traveler can meet native New Zealand animals namely the Kiwi at the Kiwi Burrow. Kiwi is an endemic animal that is a typical bird of New Zealand.

If lucky, at certain moments a traveler can see a baby Kiwi. Entrance access to the Kiwi Burrow is included in the ticket you purchased, but if a traveler wants to take a tour of the Kiwi Hatchery, there is an additional fee of NZD 10 (IDR 95 thousand) per person to be donated to the conservation center. Children can see the Kiwi bird directly with the assistance of parents.

6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families

2. Hobbiton Movie Set

6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families(Tourism New Zealand)

Lovers of the film The Hobbit, are required to stop by here when visiting New Zealand. When entering the Hobbiton Movie Set, a family traveler will be enchanted to see the filming location of two box office films, 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit'. Feel the warm welcome given by the Kiwis, as New Zealanders call them, at Te Puia.

Traveler can also enjoy cultural performances and eat typical Maori cuisine known as Hangi. Invite children to enjoy the view at Pohutu Geyser, the largest active geyser in New Zealand with bursts that can reach 30 meters in height.

3. Waitomo Caves

6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families(Tourism New Zealand)

Seeing the beauty of nature, it is mandatory when going to New Zealand. One that can be visited is Waitomo Caves. With just a three-hour drive from Auckland , a traveler will arrive at Waitomo Caves, which offers the best experience to see glowworms in New Zealand. To enter the cave, you can use a small boat.

Enjoy the glow of glowworm attached to the cave wall above the traveler. This Waitomo Glowworm Cave tour can be enjoyed by all ages and is perfect for activities with family. It not only provides knowledge and experience that is not forgotten, but also an opportunity to reconnect with nature while protecting the environment.

4. Antarctic Center

No need to go far to Antarctica, a traveler can feel the natural cold in New Zealand. Try visiting the Antarctic Center.

International Antarctic Center is located in Christchurch. Located near Christchurch Airport, this cold indoor simulation of the North Pole can reach -8 degrees Celsius, safe and fun to be enjoyed by all ages. Antarctic Center also offers another unique experience if the body can not withstand cold temperatures. Try Hägglund, an Antarctic vehicle that can hit and conquer various ice fields. Exciting!

5. Skyline Queenstown

6 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families(Tourism New Zealand)

SkylineQueenstown is the steepest cable car or Gondola in New Zealand. This cable car will take the traveler to an altitude of 450 meters above the City of Queenstown . The traveler will be served a 220 degree panorama from the tourist attractions of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cecil Peak and the city of Queenstown.

To be able to enjoy the view from the top of the Gondola, make sure that the child is over 5 years old.

6. Pakiri Beach

6. Tourist Attractions in New Zealand for Families(Tourism New Zealand)

The beaches in New Zealand are no less interesting. One that can be visited is Pakiri Beach in Pakiri.

Traveler can enjoy the waves in an unusual way, one of them is horse riding in Pakiri Beach. There are several options for horses that you and your baby can ride. Children under 5 years old can try pony riding for 30 minutes.

There, there is also Parikiri Beach Holiday Parks which can be rented to stay overnight. Of course, it will be a different security!

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