First Experience of Visiting Immanuel Church, Amazed by Old Orgel

 Unity in Diversity is a motto for the Indonesian people . The motto listed on the eagle has different meanings but still one nevertheless.

As is known, Indonesia has various ethnic groups and also religions. Even with these different backgrounds, people should live in harmony and side by side in accordance with the national motto.

Appreciating the diversity that can be done in various ways. One of them is visiting and learning to the location of worship of various religions such as one of the agendas in the Diversity Festival, which is a tour of the Interfaith Religious Houses.

The first tour of the house of worship was the Immanuel Church , located in Gambir, Central Jakarta. This church is a house of worship for Protestant Christians which was built by JH Horst in 1834, the year the first stone was laid.
Entering the church area, shady trees provide coolness in the heat of the capital city of Jakarta. A magnificent white building with a cross in front of it welcomes the arrival of people who want to worship or just visit as I did in the tour of the Bhineka Wisata Gambir Tour, Interfaith House of Religious Tourism, Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Although it looks large and majestic from the outside, the area of ​​the church was only 962 square meters. This church has a neo-classical design which is a fusion of Greek and Roman culture.

You will see a row of benches arranged with a red carpet when entering the church. The area, which is arguably not large enough, has a high ceiling. This is intended so that the circulation of air smoothly, because in the past there was no air conditioning like today.

When you look at the ceiling, you will see a symbol of a lotus flower with six leaves at the top of a dome-shaped building. According to the explanation of a tour guide from Jakarta Creative Tourism, Maria Ibek, the lotus flower in the Church of Immanuel symbolizes the Goddess of Light which is believed by the people of Ancient Egypt.

Quoted from the Jakarta Encyclopedia (, Monday, February 24, 2020, the symbol was interpreted as the union of two Egyptian kingdoms. Therefore, the lotus flower was placed there, namely to appreciate the struggle of King Willem I in uniting two groups of Protestant worshipers, the Lutherans and the Hervormd. Also, intended as a light source that can illuminate the Church of Immanuel even though all doors and windows are closed.

Immanuel Church or GIPB Immanuel consists of two floors. The first floor contains a row of chairs with a platform in front of it. While on the second floor, you can see a circular semicircular chair facing the pulpit. In addition, there are also old organ that have existed since 1843.

Orgel is a kind of piano instrument that will produce sound by pressing the selected organ through a keyboard. The pipe organs in the church are said to be among the three oldest pipe organs in the world.

The instrument was made by J. Datz in the Netherlands. The way to operate the device is by filling air cushions connected to pipe organs. In the past, charging air was still done manually by pressing the pedal, but now it has been facilitated by the switch.

Even though it is old, the pipe organ is still often used when there are people worshiping. In fact, the organ has a resounding sound when it is sounded.

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